SPS Group

Wires & Cables

Product Range:
  • FR/FRLS/ZHFR PVC insulated cables from 0.75 sq.mm to 300 sq.mm
  • Multi core flexible cables up to 4 core X 25 Sq. mm
  • HDPE Telephone Cable for conduit wiring
  • Three core flat cable for submersible pumps
  • R G co-axial cable for T V use

Some of our salient features:

  • Readily available through nationwide Market network
  • Direct Vendor source of Raw Material to ensure Quality input processing
  • High speed 28 Wire drawing unique automatic facility to ensure
  • Conductor -thin strands of electrolytic copper are multidrawn simultaneously for uniformity of resistance, dimension and flexibility. The drawn strands are collected and uni-laid in high precision machines and compacted; the perfectly circular conductor is thus formed. This enables reduction in overall diameter for space saving in high density wiring. The strands do not get cut when stripping.
    The insulation , the conductor offers perfect contact at pins, terminals and sockets. This eliminates spot heating and sparking.
  • Insulation -specially formulated highly resistant PVC compound is used. A rating of 105C enables the cable to withstand overloads without compromising safety. The insulation is resistant to boiling water, steam and vapours ; this prevents ageing and cracking during usage in kitchens, bathrooms, damp walls, chemical industries etc.
  • PVC used for Raw Material compliant for R O H S capability as per international standards
  • Better flexibility for ease of conduit wiring and better life